Monday, September 9, 2013

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

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I guess anyone who have been to Dubai would have gone straight to Burj Khalifa after getting a room.. just like us. You should do that too... totally worth it.
Its master piece for sure.. amazing... its hard to take eyes off it.
during day light its like light blue building having colors of sky and at night black covered with flickering lights... any time u visit that place u will find many ppl around looking up with open mouth...

Night Time views:

Day Time view:



 front is v pretty full of flowers, mini fountains n attractive lights... when u go there enjoy the views, take pictures and go to the next stop... don't bother going inside.. its mostly residential and there are two three hotels... u can go in side if u have reservation which is expensive and there is not much inside to spend so much for...instead u can get the tickets from Dubai mall for the Top of Burj Khalifa visit...

                                           Next 3: Burj Khalifa top..............

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