Monday, September 9, 2013

Tour guide to Skardu Pakistan... best for honeymoon

For all those looking for a nice comfy romantic and a little isolated place for honeymoon, Skardu is one of the best option, as I had mine back in October 2012 and we (me n my husband) absolutely loved it. So I thought why not to share our experience to benefits others.Here are some highlights from the tour.

We booked a flight from Islamabad to Skardu. There is a flight almost every morning, only get canceled depending on weather conditions. Flight was 45 min long. After landing we got a taxi and asked driver to take us to Shangrila resort. We reached there in half an hr, but oops it was close. The gatekeeper told us it only opens from Feb to Sep. I was really disappointed because this was the only resort we knew of from internet. We were all up to driver now to show us the next best place to stay in. He took us to Mashabrum hotel which was nice standard hotel to me. We thought we will find a batter hotel but after checking out other   hotels we concluded it was the best available.

                                                  Next 2. Mashabrum hotel..............

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