Monday, September 9, 2013

Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai

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The most fun place in Dubai is Wild wadi.... go there with ur partner or family... spend a full day... its totally fun filled... cost about 150 AED per head and give u a pass for many water rides....u can have as many as u want...
Its fun for every1 kids, teens and even for old... u r a swimmer or u r not u will have good time...
don't miss it if u r in Dubai....

Tips to control budget during Dubai Visit:

Don't rush out for everything. Get detail over view of everything before getting along. Because there are many things which are attractive but not of your interest like desert safari... i heard a lot about it and some people do love it... but its for desert lovers only, which most people like me are not.
Anywhere you go they take your picture at entrance e.g Burj Khalifa top entrance , Dubai Aquarium entrance, Ski-Dubai Entrance etc you may take the picture but don't purchase it at the end when they present your picture beautifully photo-shopped in a frame that you will like alot. They will just ask you to pay 200AED per picture which in real u can do for about 10 to 30 AED.... so dont do it its a total waste.
Then there is a tour for ancient Dubai... unless you like historic places like forts or mosques don't go for it.
If you have less time, like less then 3 days for exploring Dubai... you can join small tour company like Big Bus Tour etc it will take you to all the main wont need a guide and it will save your time and transportation cost.

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