Monday, September 9, 2013

Facial routine at home

I personally feel it very boring, time consuming and expensive going to parlors for long facials. I accept parlor facials are very effective. They give instant change glow and healthy looking skin. But honestly girls for how many days that pretty look stays, at max three four days and then its back to same boring dull skin tone.I personally use to go to parlor every 15 days but with job and social  life it become very difficult to get time. So for some time I have been looking for some home facial that can replace or at least reduce the parlor need.
I tried many products and now I have finally choose some products which totally suits my skin and best thing is I can do that at home and as frequently as once in 7 days. I do that when my skin needs and it haven't given me any harm as you would have heard over doing facial is harmful... not anymore.
Here's my facial routine... do give it a try and leave a feed back.
These are all the products that I use:

  1.  Clean and Clear morning wash cleanser
  2. Fair and lovely face wash
  3. Neutrogena black head eliminating scrub
  4. Himalaya Herbal refreshing Cleansing milk
  5. Dove silky nourishment
  6. Farmsi Cherry Face scrub
  7. Himalaya Herbals refreshing Fruit Mask

Follow the steps bellow:
  • 1stly of course clean you face with a suitable cleanser. I use "Clean and Clear morning energy cleanser" because i have normal to dry skin and its slightly creamy and give very nice effect.

  • Some times if i feel extra dust or oil I use "Fair and Lovely face wash". Its oil free and very effective in extracting oily traces leaving skin feel fresh. Avoid using on dry skin.
  • Now apply Farmasi cherry face scrub.

  • Apply scrub in circular motion throughout your face press softly... dont' be harsh with your skin.
  • Dry out your face with soft towel. 
  • Take a bowl of water and sit on a very comfortable place.
  • Put some Himalaya Herbals refreshing cleansing milk in your palm and spread evenly to your face.

  • Massage thoroughly.
  • When its almost absorbed by your skin dip your hands in bowl of water wet them and massage your face again
  • Do the same process at least 5 times. Mean while you can put on more cleansing milk and when its absorbed apply water and massage again. Emphasize more on nose, forehead and chin if you have black heads.
  • Cleansing milk will soften you skin and will clean it thoroughly.
  • Clean you face with soft tissues and dry out completely.
  • Now apply Dove silky nourishment cream to your face, tap on whole face and massage again when absorbed apply water and repeat for 5 times.
  • Again clean out you face with soft tissues and dry out completely. 
  • Now take a blackhead removal pin.

  • Remove blackheads from nose chin and cheeks if you have any. If you have done your massage good it will be ver easy to remove all back heads and wont be as painful as in parlor.
  • Now take Neutrogena black head eliminating scrub, massage on wet face softly and wash your face. It will clear out remaining blackheads.
  • Dry your face and finally apply Himalaya Herbals refreshing Fruit Mask.
  • Leave it on till it dry.
  • Wash your face with gentle warm water.

 Do try this facial at home.... you will be amazed to see the neatness and glow in your face. Don't forget the arms and neck include them also in your facial routine, that will not take much time. The best thing is it will save money and time and biggest plus is you can do as many time as your skin need.

Good Luck...


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