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Regular Skin Care for Sensitive Skin Type, Natural tips and tricks

Sensitive skin is the one which skin has greater tendency to get  irritation and itching and might get allergic reaction using cosmetics and body products like creams, body lotions, soaps or cleansers. Its very thin and fine textured skin. Respond badly to hot and cold temperature therefore sun burn and windburn easily. Sensitive skin is mostly dry, feels rough, tight, and becomes rough and irritated easily. Sensitive skin develops reddish and scaly areas, can be itchy and dull, and is prone to breaking into spots.
It is the most problematic and fragile type of skin, which needs a very special type of care. So make sure to get the right body products for this skin type. That will need a lot of tries and search.

Avoid hot or chilled water, take bath daily, avoid sun and extreme temperature, use good quality standard cosmetics and body products, use sun screen reams, use very light cleansers such as baby wash, try every product on smaller area n test for 1 day then use on full face, use very soft towel, remove makeup as soon as not required, use herbal or natural treatments specially before sleeping.

In my earlier article i have shown basic skin care routine for every skin type which include four steps
  • Cleansing
  • Removing dead cells/skin
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing
Here I will show u some extra steps best for your own skin type i.e. sensitive skin...

Step #1. Cleansing for Sensitive skin:
Cleansing  is a must step for every skin because no matter what you do you can't keep your skin away from dust, harmful sun rays, wind and even stress.Sensitive skin is more allergic towards these unavoidable factors so need special care.
  • Wash with normal water, neither cold nor hot, because temperature extremes can damage skin.
  • Clean your face with a suitable light cleanser. For sensitive skin i must say use something of very good quality and make sure its free of loud fragrance, almond oil, castor oil, ceteareth -20, parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate also called as SLS.
  • Apply cleanser using finger tips in circular motion. 
  • Massage for one minutes
  • Wash out properly
  • Dry out using soft towel
  • Take a cotton bud or soft tissue dip in rose water and apply to your face thoroughly, it will refresh your face. Regular use will give a rosy complexion and a glow to your skin.
  • Don't use anything like towel or tissue for drying rose water. Leave it to dry itself.
  • This will complete your cleansing process.

Step #2. Exfoliating Sensitive skin:
Removing dead skin also known as exfoliation process is important for keeping skin healthy and its the best way of giving younger look to every skin. Its seems artificial or harmful but its totally natural process as many people don't know our skin shred thousands of cells per minute. Manually removing dead cell only enhance that process and end up giving you a glowing look.

Exfoliation process is hard for every skin type and specially if you have sensitive skin this process can give more harm then benefit. So you have to be extra careful. Follow the steps below for keeping your skin safe;
  • Exfoliation process should be performed only once in a week for sensitive skin
  • If you have tight hectic and outgoing routine then you can exfoliate 2 times keeping in count that skin can bear it and process gives positive effects.
  • Use very soft and gentle exfoliation tools for sensitive skin such as soft face brushes and scrubs.
  • Avoid chemical peel because sensitive skins are allergic to chemicals in any form.
  • Avoid harsh scrubs that can leave your skin feeling flaky, broken or red. 
  • To remove dead skin use pleasant cool water to splash face and then apply scrub.
  • Use soft scrubs such as Clean n Clear, Farmasi or Neutrogena scrubs  or exfoliating tool such as soft gloves.
  • Yogurt contain lactic acid which is known as soft exfoliating ingredient. You can try it, if it suitss you forget everything else and apply this twice a week. It will give your skin soft and refreshing effect as well as will remove all dead skin.
  • Rub gently in circular motion , don't press too hard.
  • Rinse off your face thoroughly and move to the next step.
Step #3. Toning for Sensitive skin:
Rose water that I have mentioned in cleansing also work as best toner if u feel that's enough for refreshing  and cleaning your skin you can skip this part. You can apply rose water as many time as you feel it wont give any side effect....Where as for giving an extra glow and protection to your face you can always get a light toner such as Neutrogena or Pro Active toner. It never gives any side effect for any skin type.
  • Apply toner right after cleansing.
  • But it can be also be applied any other time of the day as well.
  • It best to use toner  two to three times a day.
  • Apply using cotton bud or soft facial tissue for even spread.
  • Rose water, cucumber juice, lemon juice and aloe vera are the best toner for sensitive skin.
  • Again leave to dry off naturally. 
  • Toner help balance the pH of your skin. 
  • It should  be alcohol free for sensitive skin.

Step #4. Moisturizing for Sensitive skin:

Moisturizing is the very important step for sensitive skin. If skin is fully moisturized pores will not collect dust hence black heads and open pores will not be created. If you wont moisturize sensitive skin it will show signs of aging and wrinkles.
  • Apply two times a day followed by toner. 
  • Use lightweight , soft, chemical free moisturizer. 
  • Light lotions or creams like baby lotion, ponds, dove etc are good for sensitive skin.
  • There are plenty of moisturizer out there for every skin type just try again and again and find the best one for you specially for sensitive skin you will have to make a lot of tries.
  • Avocado oil, petroleum jelly, mineral oil are best natural moisturizers for sensitive skin.
Apply the recommended moisturizer and allow the skin to absorb it. Do not over-moisturize. Apply only thats enough for your skin to absorb and remove extra with soft tissue.

Sensitive Skin care before Sleeping: 

Adopt following steps before sleeping if you have sensitive skin.
  • Wash your face two to three times for softening your skin.
  • Use cleansing product only if your skin feels dusty or oily.
  • Dry out with soft towel.
  • Now wash with pleasant cool water for 5 times.
  • Dry out again.
  • Apply rose water.
  • Apply moisturizer. At night time, you need a more hydrating formula such as petroleum jelly to help regenerate your skin while you sleep. Let your skin absorb it. Remove extra with tissue and have nice beauty sleep.
Sensitive skin is very problematic and needs regular care. The ladies having sensitive skin should try above mentioned tips and take extra good care of their skin to enhance their beauty. Always keep a light free sun screen lotion and apply before going out.

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