Monday, September 9, 2013

Homemade Leave-In Conditioner

Hair conditioner is an amazing product for hair that can change the texture and appearance of hair. It is a thick substance which coats the cuticle(outer layer) of hair, lock the pores and make hair absorb the nutrition included in it. Just like to moisturize skin certain moisturizers are used like cream or lotion, like wise conditioner is used for moisturizing hair. It keep hair hydrated, softer, smoother, elastic and manageable. But it can not be left in hair for long due to its thick coating because hair just like skin need oxygen. So its advised to rinse off after some time.
Conditioner work well for almost all hair type, but some time its not enough hair get dull and dry again soon after wash. So a new product was delivered by fashion industry called "Leave-in Conditioner" that does not require washing off and you can apply after wash as well as any time when you feel your hair need moisture. Its lighter, applied in smaller amount and provide moisture but does not lock the pores. Its used to soften hair, protect against thermal styling products, reduce frizz and make hair tangle free.
There is a huge verity of leave-in conditioner available for every hair type. But you can make more effective and reliable leave-in conditioner at home. In this article I will show you some of many leave-in conditioners that you can make yourself at home.

Honey Leave-In-Conditioner:

Honey is a great natural conditioner and moisturizer for hair because if the fact that it attract as well as retain water molecules. Vitamins and minerals included in honey make hair shiny and soft.

How to make:
Mix 1.5 tablespoon of honey in a medium glass of warm water. Stir thoroughly and make sure honey dissolves completely. You can put it in a spray bottle for easy use.
How to use:
Apply the mixture to wet hair after shampoo or conditioning. Dry extra water using towel and style as usual.

Vinegar Leave-In conditioner:

Vinegar a very common kitchen item is amazing product not only for making food but also for skin and hair. Its made up of acetic acid and water. Its widely used in industrial, medical and domestic area and also has become a vital ingredient in skin and hair care products. Applying vinegar to scalp can eliminate dandruff problem. It make hair strong, healthy and shiny. It very common in woman for rinsing off hair using vinegar instead of conditioner. It can also be used as leave-in conditioner.

How to make:
Mix 1 table spoon of apple cider or white vinegar with a cup of distilled water. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle for easy use. 
How to apply: 
Spray the mixture in to damp hair. Massage for even spread. It will give you soft tangle free hair with an amazing shine. 

Coconut oil Leave-In Conditioner:

Coconut oil is best natural blessing for hair. Because of it supernatural effects on hair its commonly used in wide range of hair care products. Its very old and effective way to condition hair using coconut oil. Always chose unprocessed, pure and virgin coconut oil. 

How to make:
As coconut oil is very light in nature and also very refreshing so it can be used alone as leave-in conditioner. Warm up a little if needed.
How to use:
Take a small amount on your palm and rub in wet hair. It will make hair healthy and tangle free and hair wont require any more moisture. 

Aloe-Coconut Leave-In Conditioner:

Aloe vera shampoo as well conditioners has been used by women over ages and till now is considered as best alternative to commercial hair products for shiny, healthy and gorgeous looking hair. It can be used as leave-in conditioner.
Aloe Juice
Coconut juice

How to make:
Add 1 cup of aloe juice with 1 cup of fresh natural coconut juice/water. Add in 1/4 cup of water and about 10 drops of jojoba oil. Pour the mixture in spray bottle and shake well for mixing all ingredients.
How to use:
After shampoo or conditioner towel dry hair and apply the mixture to damp hair. Comb thoroughly for even spreading and style as usual. 

Good Luck...