Monday, September 9, 2013

Milk as Natural Cleanser

Milk is most popular cleanser that is generally great for all skin types. Almost all the good skin care brands like Garnier, Nivea, Oly, Loreal, Neutrogena, Pond's, Hamalaya, Farmasi, VLCC etc are delivering cleansing milk for face cleansing and removing makeup. The main ingrediant all these cleansers have is of course milk so why not use raw for best results.

Milk contains butterfat globules, water-based fluid that contains dissolved carbohydrates and protein aggregates with minerals. Because it is produced as a food source for a new borns, all of its contents provide benefits to the growing young. The principle requirements of the neonate are energy (lipids, lactose, and protein), biosynthesis of non-essential amino acids supplied by proteins (essential amino acids and amino groups), essential fatty acids, vitamins and inorganic elements, and water.

Chemical nature indicates very clearly that milk has everything that a good cleanser should have. Drinking milk and applying to skin will lighten your skin color and make it brighter.

Wash face with gentle water before applying. Take some milk in a bowl and apply to your face in circular motion using finger tips. Massage softly and deeply. It will clean your pores and will keep them moisturized also. Unlike yogurt you can apply daily even more then once if you want. Apply to face neck and where ever u like no restriction ;) For best result apply at night after regular cleansing  let it dry itself and have a nice beauty sleep.

When you don't feel like applying honey remind yourself of the great Cleopatra , the most seductive woman of history. She has influenced women over centuries for her beauty. Ancient book reveals her beauty secrets that she use to take bath with milk and honey. So do add these two most amazing natural gifts in your daily skin care.

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