Monday, September 9, 2013

Olive oil as face moisturizer

Olive oil is most nutritive gift of nature. It works best all ways either you cook in it, eat it or apply it over your body, always give the amazing results. Many skin care products use olive oil as major ingredient. It has been tested on all skin types and has been approved as the most effective organic product for skin and seldom causes a reaction. Now a days number of well known companies are delivering olive oil in different forms for skin , hair , nails and even eye makeup removal products. Always look for pure organic and less processed olive oil because additional chemicals and scents can create irritation. So the less processed is more beneficial.

How to apply Olive oil:

Splash face skin with gentle water and lightly dry out. When its still damp take small out olive oil in your palm and massage you face softly and in circular motion.

Benefits of Olive oil:

Olive oil soften the skin, fully moisturize it. And its a well known fact that if skin is moisturized properly complexion get batter and skin get a natural glow. It reduce aging effect if used regularly by maintaining its elasticity. It recover broken dry skin. Its best for heel, knee and elbow's dry area and keeps them soft.
It can be applied on lips directly and it will magically recover cracked, dry or sore lips. 
Olive oil can also be used as eye makeup remover. Soak a cotton bud in to olive oil, apply over closed eye. It will not only remove make up including water proof mascara and liner but also moisten the area around eyes and improve the looks.

For those who have fine lines and wrinkles, its the best solution. Massage regularly and it will reduce those annoying aging effects.
Adding a little bit of olive oil to your regular bath will soften you whole body.

Best time of applying:

Best time for applying olive oil is night time before sleeping after regular cleansing. Small amount can be applied before makeup it will keep skin hydrate and keep it safe from harmful effects of makeup.

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  1. My face is rough and seems to be oily, What is the exact name of olive oil i can use on my face and on my skin (body) I am in Uganda. Thank for your response.

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