Sunday, October 19, 2014

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask for making Hair Super Silky and Soft

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask for making Hair Super Silky and Soft

Hair require extra care to look healthy and beautiful. One of the best treatment you can give your hair at home is deep conditioning once a week. There are thousands of products available for that but here in my blog I always insist on using natural stuff easily available at home or market to avoid the harmful effects of the commercial products.
Here in this post I am going to share a very useful effective deep hair conditioning mask which my hair love every time I apply it. The aftereffects are amazing you wont be able to get your hands off your silky smooth hair.


All you need is;

  • One or two rip banana
  • Two tablespoon honey
  • Three tablespoon of olive oil

Blend the ingredients to make a fine paste. Make sure there are no chunks else it will be hard to remove.


  • Apply the mixture as soon as u make it because its very rich in nutrition and attracts bacteria making it blacker in shade.
  • Section your hair.
  • Apply in every section.
  • Gently massage using finger tips to make sure all the hair are covered.
  • Put on shower cap and leave for one hour.
  • Rinse out well.
  • Apply mild shampoo and conditioner.

If you do it right. It will be a treat for your hair. Don't forget to leave your comments after you try it to help out others.

Good Luck :)

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