Friday, October 17, 2014

Homemade simplest and easiest remedies to reduce weight

If you require a little bit of a boost to help meet your weight loss goals, you should try some very easy and simple home remedies. No doubt cutting down on calories, and regular exercising is the best way to lose weight. However, there are certain spices and herbs that will support your weight loss efforts because of their effect on your metabolism.

Green tea

Green tea aids in weight loss efforts by boosting metabolism and reducing appetite. The caffeine found in green tea is also partly responsible for weight loss effects. Make sure to skip adding sugar in your green tea as it may negate the possible weight loss benefits.


Flax-seeds being rich in fibre are an effective weight loss tool as they keep you full preventing overeating. Omega- 3 fatty acids in flaxseeds is also known to increase satiety thus reducing hunger pangs. They contain mucilaginous fibre that slows digestion and improves absorption of nutrients in the body.


Cooking food with ginger paste or brewing it in tea is a good idea to meet your weight loss goals as ginger is very low in calories. It creates internal heat that boosts your metabolism and helps burn calories very effectively.


Turmeric increases the flow of bile in the stomach that metabolises the fat faster. It also prevents the re-growth of fat tissue after weight loss.


Cinnamon a very fragrant spice is shown to promote weight loss. Cinnamon contains compounds called polyphenols which increase the effectiveness of insulin, lowering blood sugar levels. Insulin also plays a key role in how the body uses stored fat.

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