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Hair care Routine for Healthy Shiny Hair

Hair  are most precious ornaments of a woman's physical appearance and are considered as the manifestation of women's femininity and desirability. Today woman's obsession and craze for beautiful hair has built up a huge industry including endless hair products, hair  beauty saloons, magazines and channels.

Speaking of hair products there is a product for every tiny thing related to hair such as shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, hair serum, hair dye, hair masks, hair proteins and I can go on like forever. It get hard to choose what to be selected, when and how to be applied.
In this article I will mention a very basic hair care routine for every hair type. Adopt this if you want a good healthy routine for you hair.

Step#1: Oiling:
Oiling, a method being used by women over ages is the most effect way to keep hair healthy. Oiling hair will only provide benefit if applied in a right way for a right amount of time and with right type of oil.

How Long hair should be Oiled? 
Many people recommend to oil hair and leave it over night for best result, which is not correct, it might cause hair fall. Every part of our body including hair and skin contain pores which are meant to absorb moisture and oxygen. The purpose of oiling skin or hair is to block these pores and let skin/hair absorb the moisture provided by oil, mean while it block the intake of oxygen. If the oil is applied for more then an hour some hair might die for lack of oxygen resulting hair fall. Besides the sole purpose of oil is to moisturize hair which can be accomplished in an hour then why bear it for whole day or night.

Choosing oil:
As there are many types of hair normal, dry , oily etc so they will require different types of oil. In the market you can easily find oil for your own hair type. Some oils such as mustard oil, coconut oil, olive oil , almond oil etc are beneficial for every type of hair.

How to oil Hair:
Proper oiling of hair will enhance its effectiveness. For the best result please follow the steps below:
  • Pleasant warm oil is more effective and is known to provide deep moisturizing. So slightly heat up the oil before use.
  • Avoid using too much of oil like pouring on to head. That will waste oil as well as will require much more shampoo to clean off. Beside hair can only absorb moisture to a limit. So applying more then that will be a waste.
  • Best way is to section you hair just like hair stylist do. More sections you will make more your scalp will get the oil. 
  • Providing oil to the root is more important task. It makes hair go stronger and healthier as well as enhances hair growth .
  • Apply oil to each section and massage properly. Don't be harsh, be very gentle  and provide soft massage to your hair and scalp. Hard massage weaken hair and cause hair fall.
  • Massage for at least 15 minutes. It increase blood circulation and make hair healthy.
  • Brush your hair softly with extra soft brush for a few minutes for proper spreading of oil.
  • Leave it on one hour and then wash off properly.
  • Oil your hair twice a week. 

Step#2: Washing hair:
Washing hair, which of course every one does, is very important. It clean hair, remove dirt as well as the extra oil produced by scalp.

How often hair should be washed:
Some people wash hair every day and other as less as once a week. You must have heard that washing hair daily will squeeze out natural oil and moisturizer which results in hair fall and dryness. But in my opinion it totally depends on your hair type. If dry hair are washed daily it will definitely cause damage like wise if oily hair are not washed regularly they will look greasy and oleaginous. So always follow what your hair demands not what other suggests. Over washing is of course not recommended, at least take a day off in between but do wash your hair when needed.

Choosing Shampoo
Choose your shampoo according to your hair type. It may require a lot of testing. I also keep trying different varieties of shampoo. If something suits my hair I stick to it till i get batter option, as there are new and batter companies developing everyday. So I keep looking.
Always read the details on the product. As companies are delivering specific items for specific hair type and requirement. There are shampoos not only for normal, dry and oily hair but also specific for smoothing hair, hair growth, colored hair, straight hair, re-bonded hair, curled hair and I can go on and on. So choose what your hair need.

How to wash hair?
  • Avoid hot water always use normal or if needed lukewarm water. Hot water make hair extra dry and dehydrated. 
  • Take some shampoo in palm of your hand and apply to different part of head using fingers and then massage in circular motion.
  • Massage gently and emphasize more on neck, ear back and hairs that touches the forehead as they collect more dirt and oil.
  •  Massaging will increase blood circulation and enhances hair growth as well as it gives shiny looks to hair by stimulating hair's natural oil.
  • Dry hair will get moisture from hydrating shampoo if chosen properly.
  • Oily hair will become clean by a clear non-creamy shampoo.
  • Always use good quality products for batter result.

Step#3: Conditioning hair:
As we use skin moisturizer in the form of cream or lotion after skin cleansing, like wise conditioner is used for moisturizing hair. It keep hair hydrated, softer, smoother, more elastic and manageable.

How often hair should be conditioned:
Use conditioner after every hair wash because no matter how good is your shampoo it does swipes away moisture and oil.

Choosing Conditioner:
Now a days with every shampoo comes its conditioner. When you choose shampoo you can take the sister conditioner also that comes along. Or if you want to try different products like me, its not a problem. For selling out their products companies claims that using same company conditioner is mandatory else hair will suffer side effects, I don't think so I always use different products from different companies at a time and never got a problem. Only remember your hair type and its good to choose under any good quality label.
Avoid products with too much protein as it will leave your hair feeling desiccated and brittle. As protein is the building block of healthy hair so use conditioners that come with balanced ingredients.

How to condition hair?
Take small amount of condition on your palm and apply from almost top to the bottom of hair. Avoid scalp as much as possible specially if your scalp skin is oily. Because hair conditioner contain extra moisturizer which is meant for only hair not skin. Use wide tooth comb for even spreading of conditioner.
Deep conditioning should be done once a week.

Step#4: Using hair styling products:
Too much use of hair products like hair gel, wax for hold and shine, hairspray or serum for smoothing and maintaining hair etc make hair heavier, greasy and dirty. With use of these things you hair will need washing regularly which will effect natural moisturizing process. Don't get habitual with them only use if very necessary.

Another important thing is that if you style your hair often with blow-dryer or straightener then protect your hair with commonly available heat protecting cream or spray.
With all the protection style your hair but always be very gentle. keeping tight hair style for long time will damage hair. Keep them lose as much as you can and treat them softly either you brush or style or massage.
Most importantly give your hair a break more often from using styling product and nourish them mean while.

Adopt this simple and very effective regular hair care routine for getting healthy and lively hair. I hope its not very difficult to follow plus it will not keep you occupied for hours and wont be hard on your budget.

Good Luck....


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  3. I've heard that squeezing the hair to drain the excess water is actually bad, just put it up in a cotton t shirt, or how you said, soft fabrics. Anyways, these hair care routine tips are very good!