Monday, September 9, 2013

Natural Hair Conditioners

Hair conditioner is an amazing product for hair that can change the texture and appearance of hair. Its not a new technique, its been used for ages among man and woman using different natural products, the most common are oil,  avocado, vinegar etc. But now a days people find it difficult to put on natural products because they are smelly, oily and greasy making hair feel heavier. So with all the advancements, modern science has gifted hair industry with  this product called hair conditioner which are made up of fatty alcohols, silicone and quaternary ammonium compounds. They provide the same benefits as natural products as well as have beautiful scents and instead of greasy or oily effect they smooth-en hair and make them look pretty and light.
There are many people who still believe more in natural products, because I hear many times "I have tried every hair product still not getting satisfactory result" for them I mostly recommend natural stuff and get positive feed back. Plus some people have very damaged and extra sensitive dry hair which are very prone to breakage, so they can't even take slightest of chemical or scents. For these type natural conditioner works best as they are known to have zero percent side effects, but only if chosen properly on basis of hair type.  In this article I will mention some conditioner for each type of hair, which sure work more effectively then commercial products.

Egg Conditioner:
Its a very common natural conditioner being used by women for ages.  There are many natural  ingredients in egg that works wonder for hair. 
  • Raw egg contains lots of protein and as we know our hair are mostly protein. So it help removing the deficiencies as well as make hair grow stronger and longer. 
  • It also contains vitamins and nutrition which gives shine to hair and make them smother.
  • Fatty acid in egg is a best know natural moisturizer. It locks away the moisture in hair as well as remove dandruff. Works best for dry and damaged hair.
  •  Vitamin A, D and E provided by egg prevent hair loss as well as provide protection against dirt, pollution and ultra violet rays of sun.
How to apply:
Break an egg in a bowl and beat thoroughly. Apply the mixture directly on to damp hair and scalp. Use a wide tooth comb for even spread and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and wash off using your regular shampoo. It can be applied once to twice depending on your hair type.

Coconut Conditioner:
Coconut oil is best natural blessing for hair. Because of it supernatural effects on hair its commonly used in wide range of hair care products. Its very old and effective way to condition hair using coconut oil. Always chose unprocessed, pure and virgin coconut oil. 
There are many benefits of using coconut oil such as;
  • Its very light, hence penetrate well in to hair thus provide deep nourishment.
  • It boost up hair growth by making hair fiber stronger and healthier.
  • It helps in retaining the moisture in hair making them smoother and less prone to breakage.
  • It gives a natural shine to hair.
  • Massaging scalp with coconut hair enhances blood circulation and provide relief against stress and headache.
  • It works as best moisturizer for dry and damaged hair.
How to use:
Its best for both scalp and hair. If you have dry hair or damaged hair them start by massaging scalp. Always remember massage should be very very soft  and slow specially on scalp. Harsh and quicker massage will weaken hair root which can cause hair fall. Specially when you are dealing with extra dry or damaged hair be very very soft to you hair.
For normal and oily hair emphasize less on scalp and more on hair length and ends. Because sclap produce its own oil giving extra will give you an oily look even after shampoo.

Coconut and Honey Conditioner:
This is also one of very common conditioner used by woman who love natural treatments for their body.
It is made by mixing 1 part honey with 2 parts of coconut oil. Both ingredients are very rich moisturizers and contain every thing that healthy hair require.

Benefits of honey includes;
  • Honey contains vitamins and minerals that strengthen hair.
  • Its antibacterial.
  • Its a great humectant that nourish and moisturize hair as well as skin.
 Olive oil  is well known to be used in hair care products.Some of the commonly known facts includes;
  •  It works as best moisturizer and cure dandruff.
  •  It prevent making of split end by keeping hair fiber healthy.
  • It shines up hair naturally.
  • It make hair softer and make it more manageable and less prone to breakage.
How to use:
Apply the mixture directly to hair, use wide tooth comb for easy and smooth spreading and leave it on for 30 to 60 minutes for best result. Then rinse off thoroughly.

Good Luck...

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