Monday, September 9, 2013

How to get the perfect curls?

Curly hair has always been very favorite to women specially with straight and silky hair. They look very attractive and totally changes the personality of a women

In this article I will reveal some very easy steps to put on perfect curls for the women who wants to curl their hair often but don't do it thinking either it will take a lot of time or will damage their hair. This method is very easy and will not harm hair.

The things you will need are:

  • Com/brush
  • Heat protection spray/cream/serum
  • Moisturizing styling Gel
  • Electric rod and
  • Hair spray

Comb or Brush
Heat protection Spray

Hair Curling Spray

Moisturizing Styling Gel

Electric hair Rod

Step#1: Comb/brush your hair thoroughly making them tangle free.

Step#2: Make 2-3 sections of your hair depending on the thickness of hair.

Step#2: Take an inch of hair from section one and apply some heat protection product to your hair. They are very commonly available in the form of spray as well as cream and serum. You can get one as per your need. That will wet your hair a little and will protect it against heat. If the rod is applied to directly to natural hair then the natural moisture of hair will be lost which will make hair more dry and more prone to breakage.

Step#3: Apply some moisturizing styling gel to hair. It will help retain moisture in hair as well as will maintain the curls for longer time.

Step #4: Now apply rod in normal way as shown below and leave for a few sec.

 Step#4: Remove the hair from the rod softly and if you have very silky or straight hair then apply some hair spray else you are good to go for next strand of hair.

Apply the steps to all of your hair and get perfect neat curls in very less time.

If you want very tight curls then take very small amount of hair each time even less then an inch. If you like loose curl then make a bigger strand each time. Be uniform in selection of hair and sure you are curling hair using rod in same direction each time i.e. either inwards or outwards. This will give your curls a very neat and soft look.

Good Luck...

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