Monday, September 9, 2013

Natural Homemade Sugar scrubs

Our skin naturally shed thousands of cells per minute? but sometimes even that’s not enough so it can be done artificially/manually in order to keep skin looking fresh and younger, this process is known as exfoliation process. There are many way to remove dead skin cells as I have mentioned  in my earlier article of regular skin care. The most famous includes using skin scrub. There is a wide range of scrubs available for every skin type with different brand names.

If you read the ingredients of different scrubs of good quality you will find out salt or sugar are commonly included. Then why waste money on expensive scrubs in market why not make something at home that can give batter result and of course no side effects. Its my personal opinion that using natural ingredients never give any side effect unless some one has extra sensitive , overly dry or extremely oily skin, which is of course rare. Over the internet you will find many people or companies who opposes this fact and claims that using natural or homemade products cause side effects, beware most of them make statements only to sell their products.

Sugar is a best know natural scrubs that give skin a natural glow as well as make it as soft as newborn's skin. In this article i will show you how to make a very nice scrub using sugar.

Cleansing milk and sugar scrub:
Cleansing milk

Ingredients required for this scrub are;

  •  Sugar and
  • Cleansing milk or cream or what ever you use for cleaning face (I use Hamalaya cleansing milk, it works great), some people use yogurt even that's O.K.

This is the best and easiest scrub and very effective. I do that on regular basis specially when I am short on time.
Just pour some cleansing milk  on your palm and add about 2 table spoon of sugar and mix thoroughly using both hands and apply to your face. Massage very softly in circular motion emphasizing on nose chin and oily areas. Keep on for 10 to 15 min and rinse off.

Sugar and Olive oil Scrub:

For making this scrub you will need;

  • Sugar and
  • Olive oil
Olive oil is a perfect moisturizer. So this combination not only remove dead skin as well as moisten it and hydrate it by preserving the water contents.

Take some olive oil in your palm of your hand. Massage onto your face for about 2 minutes. Now take some sugar and rub it over for 2 minutes very gently and softly. Rinse off. This will remove dry and dead skin cells and leave your face with a natural, healthy glow and soft touch.

Banana Sugar Scrub:

Banana, a very nutritive fruit is a also an amazing skin moisturizer. Its combination with sugar has an amazing effect on skin.
This scrub will need:
  • Sugar
  • Banana and
  • Olive oil
Simply mash a banana and add about 3-4 table spoons of sugar and 1 tea spoon of olive oil. You can add some drops or vanilla extract for adding up some scent.
Massage it over your face neck or body for about 5 to 10 minutes and rinse off. This will give a surprisingly soft smooth and shiny skin.

Lemon, Oil and Sugar Scrub:

For this scrub you will need;
  • Lemon, which is best known cleanser and toner. So adding lemon in a scrub will enhance the cleansing properties.
  • Oil of your choice ( best for this is coconut oil after that olive oil or almond oil or grape seed oil and
  • sugar

Take 1/2 cup of  oil add 2 table spoon of sugar mix until it get sticky add more sugar if required. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to it and mix thoroughly.

Take some of the mixture and apply to you face, massage gently for a few  minutes and rinse off.

This will clean your pores and remove all dead cells as well as it will give your skin a brighter complexion.

Good Luck...

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