Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to identify damaged Hair

There are so many products available for hair problems such as dandruff, color loss, dryness, oiliness, split ends, breakage and damage. Before jumping in to any solution one must narrow down the problem itself.

In our previous article we discussed dandruff problem and its natural remedies.

Here we will focus on identifying damaged hair and the possible solutions.

Hair damage does not come naturally, its mainly because of using wrong products, treatments, procedures and normal routine practice like blow drying, straightening, sun exposure and wind. Coloring and perming of hair often proves deadly.

Here are some prominent signs for hair damage;

Regularly check your hair brush. If number of hair left behind are increasing that shows hair are breaking easily. Hair damage might be the cause.

Take a shower let the hair dry up naturally and after 2-3 hours check your hair, if they are dry lacking softness and silkiness it shows they are damaged and lack natural moisture.

Damaged hair are tangled, unmanageable and above all break off easily.


Basic Solution:
Most basic solution for handling damaged hair is conditioning of hair regularly, avoiding overexposure and excessive treatments, and using leave-in conditioner treatments once or twice a week.

More detailed solutions will be covered in later articles.

Good luck...


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