Monday, September 9, 2013

Bleach facial hair without damaging skin

Facial hair are very annoying for woman and they keep trying several  method to get rid of them. The most commonly used method is bleaching facial hair.
Bleaching facial hair does not remove hair instead it take away the black pigments of hair and give it skin matching color or blond shade.

How to bleach:

The common method of bleaching is as follow;
  • Either remove the shirt or put on an old one, because if bleach get in touch with cloth it destroy the color or at least fade it.
  • Put on hair cap or wrap up your hair using catcher and apply hair band, as shown below.

  • Put on hand gloves, bleach get penetrated into figure tips making white spots.

    • Take out the required amount of cream in a separate small container and add some powder. I always keep the quantity of powder a little lesser then cream else it gets itchy and burns skin as I have normal to sensitive skin. But its up to skin type and also the nature of facial hair. If you have very visible thick hair then use same amount of powder as cream. I will never recommend to use powder more then cream. Even though you might find many article online advising to use more powder then cream, don't do that it can damage you skin and may leave long lasting mark.
    • Mix the two ingredients and make sure all the powder has been absorbed by the cream.
    • Leave for one minute so that powder may get dissolve fully making fine applicable paste.
    • Bleach product usually include a stick (also shown in picture above), I wont recommend that it fails to make uniform paste on to face. Its very important to apply bleach evenly over face else you might get different shades which looks odd. I have Bobby Brown brushes for makeup, I tried the blush on brush once for bleach and its so good that I have an extra blush on brush specially for bleach. My point is get an extra soft brush for bleach just like the one you use for blush on as shown below. And never use that stupid stick they provide in the bottle, it will be very harsh on skin also.

    •  Using makeup brush apply bleach to your whole face (just like painting) avoiding area around eyes. Start from the skin where hair are more like upper lips and chin so that they get a little more time.

    • Leave for 10 minutes. After 10 min remove cream from area where there are less or no hair such as cheeks, because these areas are more sensitive and as they have very less or no hair so they will need less time.
    • A good bleach will not take more them 10 to 15 minute. But after 10 minutes keep checking by removing some cream from a hairy portion and check hair color. If its change then remove all of the cream by wiping out using soft cotton or tissue. Don't be harsh be extra gentle because bleach make skin very very sensitive for a while.
    • After wiping bleach wash out you face as you normally do using cleanser.
    • After that apply some refreshing toner such as rose water and let you skin relax after tiring bleach.
    Bleaching skin is an effective way of hiding facial hair. Its very commonly used because it take very less time and is very less painful then removing hair by other means.

    Most women complain of itching and skin burns because of bleach. I have a very nice tip which I must recommend every one to try. It will not only give batter result but also you will not feel any itching or burning while applying bleach.

    Tip for Applying Bleach with out damaging skin:

    Its a simple tip, when you are making your bleach by mixing bleach cream and powder then also add same amount of cleansing milk as bleach cream.
    Cleansing milk is very cool and refreshing moisturizer that why it does not let bleach to warm up skin. It also give a visible brightening effect to your skin after you wash your face. I use Hamalaya cleansing milk, it suits me more. You can try from a wide variety of cleansing milk available in market, by keeping in mind your skin type.

    I not only use it myself but also in my parlor its common practice and clients are always satisfied. Now only here in almost every parlor they do the same, they just don't share the tip and women think that they might not doing something right at home for not getting same results.

    Good Luck :)

  • Bleach product comes in two part i.e. cream and bleaching powder, as shown.

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