Monday, November 3, 2014

Tips for Enhancing Hair Beauty

Tips for Enhancing Hair Beauty

Hair can change a whole impression of your personality. Rough, dull or damaged hair can totally ruin your appearance. You just need a little extra but regular care for improving the health and looks of your hair. Beautiful hair is stro
g, healthy, long and shiny. The simplest way to get beautiful hair is to protect hair from further damage. It can be done by following these simple tips.

Avoid strong chemically treated shampoos.
Use gentle natural mild shampoo on hair.

Use hair conditioner formulated for your hair type.
Use natural homemade hair conditioner at least once a week.
Read "Natural Homemade Hair Conditioner" to make simple and easy to make homemade hair conditioners.

Use Vinegar:
Vinegar a very common kitchen item is amazing product not only for making food but also for skin and hair. Its made up of acetic acid and water. Its widely used in industrial, medical and domestic area and also has become a vital ingredient in skin and hair care products. 
Also read "Vinegar for healthy and shiny hair".

Combing Hair:
Comb just once or maximum twice a day.
Over combing make hair week.
Do not comb wet hair.

Take Nuts:
Nuts specially cashew nuts are nutritious for hair.
They enhance hair growth and make them strong.

Avoid styling products:
Avoid excessive use of hair dryer, roller, curler, get, sprays, hair color, perming etc.

Trim Hair:
Trim your hair regularly, it prevents hair breakage.

Healthy Diet:
Eating a healthy, balanced diet is necessary for the health and beauty of your hair.

Salt water:
Do not use salt water.

Oil Hair:
Use oil at least 2 times in a weak

Soft Towel:
Use soft towel for hair and be very gentle with wet hair.

Avoid Direct Sun Light:
Protect hair from over-exposure to sun

Also read "Hair Care Routine for healthy long and shiny hair".

Good Luck :)....

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